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Hello friends,

Thanks for your visit to my website:
www.snehbandhan.net or www.snehbandhanmarriagebureau.com

I, Anilkumar Shah, aged 70 years, residing at Vile Parle (West), a posh suburb of Mumbai (Bombay) India. People residing here are well educated and cultured and most of them are businessmen or industrialists. First of all, I would like to tell you why I started a marriage bureau and reason to launch a website. Basically, I am running an Advertising Agency (print media) in Bombay (India) in the name of M/s Hindustan Advertising and Marketing, and am familiar with the problems people are facing in searching out a suitable match for bride or bridegroom for their beloved child. As you know, it has become very difficult job for the candidates and parents too. I am in the field of Marriage Bureau for last ten years and know all the “ins & outs” of this field.

While searching for suitable groom / bride, main problems faced are:

(1) Parent do not give complete information of the candidate.

(2) People speak lie regarding education, internal diseases, income, habits, family background, break of engagement, liking & disliking of the candidate and finally regarding horoscope.

(3) Candidate himself or herself do not know his / her choice clearly

(4) Candidate and his / her parent do not want to make a compromise even for very small things which have no value in the life: such as a small but sufficient residential place, nos. of brothers and sisters of the candidate (more precisely of groom) location of the residential place of the groom, joint family etc. etc.

(5) The working girls are asked to resign from the job before the marriage takes place even though the groom’s earning is less than that of girls.

(6) In the present time, girls are very brilliant, smart, more educated professionally and earns more than that of the grooms and these qualifications creates more difficulties for them.

(7) Parents of the candidate have one choice and the candidate himself/herself may have another choice i.e. Parents want to go towards South direction and candidates want to go towards North direction. Due to this confusing situation, they reject the right candidate.

(8) Some immature groom take the suggestions and advices from their friends which creates very confusing & difficult situation.

(9) After the meeting of the family of boy and girl, some of the parents do not care to give a proper reply whatever it may be. Particularly, it is an insulting situation for the family of the girl.

(10) Relatives do not take interest in suggesting the bride or groom for the candidate and therefore the candidate and their parent have to go alone for this difficult job.

These are the major reasons, due to which the situation for searching of right candidate have been worsened and therefore, marriage bureau’s presence is essential.

Looking to the facts as stated above, I decided to start a marriage bureau and will try to give meaningful services to the members of my marriage bureau.

The manner in which I shall work is as under: 

(1) I shall study personally the bio data and other details of the candidate provided by her /him and shell asks for further information if required.

(2) Conversation and personal meeting are the best tool for judging the way of thinking of the candidate and his /her parents.

(3) I will remain in constant touch with the candidate and his/her parents by way of Telephone, Email or by correspondence.

(4) I will try to understand the thinking and liking and disliking of the candidate.