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60, Male

Profile id : 1023

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narioshang nariman nava [1023]

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 24 Jan 1960
Religion : Other
Cast : zoroastrian parsi
Subcast : parsi
Marital Status : Divorcee
Blood Group : B+
Gender : Male
Mother Tongue : Gujarati
State : gujarat
City : udvada
Citizenship : indian
Website :
Education : Under Graduate
Education Detail :
Occupation / Profession : looking for a job
Yearly Income : n.a.
Father Living : No
Mother Living : No
Father Work : expired
Mother Name :
Brothers : 0
Brothers Married : 0
Sisters : 1
Sisters Married : 1
Height : 6.0 Feet
Weight : 85 kgs
Skin : average
Disease : No
Children : 3
Food : Non-Vegetarian
Vehicle : n.a.
House Type : homeless
House Area (Sq. ft.) : n.a.
Bedrooms :
Joint Family : No
Life Style :
Body Type :
Spects : Yes
Spects No. Left : 2
Spects No. Right : 2
Contact Lens :
Hair Colour : black
Smoke : No
Drink : Yes
Physical Disable : n.a.

I am homeless, jobless and a penniless pauper. I have lost everything in life. I have to start my new life from zero. I am looking forward to marry any girl of any age, any caste, divorcee, widow or orphan with or without children AND WANTED TO BE A HOUSE SON-IN-LAW ONLY. I want simple, early marriage preferably aT udvada. I am a non-vegetarian. I am very fond of music, movies and playing chess. I am highly knowledgeable. I was doing my own business which was sabotaged and I became a pauper. I am a divorcee and I have given away all 3 teenaged children to my ex wife. No alimony. No visiting rights. I have given an undertaking 9 months back to Bombay high court that I will not see these 4 faces and they cannot see my face till I die. No communication of any sort at-all allowed. I AM LOOKING FOR A LOYAL AND FAITHFUL WIFE ONLY. I do not have money even for getting married. I am very honest, sincere, frank and a trustworthy person. I have lost everything in life EXCEPT MY SELF RESPECT. My Bank Balance is Zero. Very shortly, I am expecting a big amount to enable me to start my own business. This might take few months only. If received, I would prefer to start printing and publishing my own newspaper. God Bless You.


Birth Time : 0932
Birth Place : mumbai
Star Sign : Scorpio (Vrishichak)
Believe Horoscope : No
Grih :

Partner Preference

Country : india
State :
City : any
Citizenship : any
Marital Status : Any
Mother Tongue :
Religion : any
Cast : any
Subcast :
Children : 0
Yearly Income :
Profession / Occupation : working
Grih :
Age : 40 to 60
Height : 5.0 Feet
Weight : 80 to 100 kgs
Skin : any
Body Type : any
Spects :
Contact Lens :
Hair Colour : any
Food : Non-Vegetarian
Smoke : No
Drink :
Disease : No
Vehicle : any
Joint Family :
Life Style : any